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The essence of my practice is soul immersion  to support you to master your fears, to live a life you truly desire. I hold space to for you to awaken to your divinity, your unique soul path. Together, we unveil your soul map, so that you can know your soul purpose and destiny. 

Please see below the array of services I provide to support you in your journey.

The Heart of Channelling - Live Online

Reading for yourself and others with your spirit team.  You are the portal to soul and spirit, your entire body is the divine instrument for soul, spirit and source, and embodiment practices are the key to opening your PSYCHIC COMMUNICATION, CLARITY AND TRUE MESSAGES from soul, spirit and source.

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Channelling Mentoring

Channelling is gift from your soul to support you to empower you life to make positive transformations, that reveal your divine calling.  Join for me 1:1 sessions to learn how to channel your spirit guides.


Tarot Mentoring - 9 Month Program

This incredible intensive 9-month journey, is a deep dive the psychological and mythical world of the 78 cards of the mythic tarot, discovering the medicine and psychology behind the symbology, metaphors, and archetypes of the tarot to read for yourself and others. Cultivate your wonderful, empathic intuitive gifts and become a mythic tarot reader, developing your gift in SOUL READINGS. 


Wild Woman Lilith

Wild Woman Lilith… yes that’s you, the you that’s sick of holding back and pretending that things are working for you when they are not, you know it’s time to get some support and help.   

She’s the you, that has had enough of putting up with a life that has you broke and over giving.


Soul Work

Five weeks of manifesting your soul work: Soul Biz Creation.  YOU are the niche, which is doing what you love, it has you feeling passionate, purposeful and most importantly soulful.


Soul Readings

A therapeutic conversation heart to heart.  Soul readings are an opportunity for you to immerse yourself in the light of your soul whilst I read the harmonic light energies of your soul light.



Soul immersion hypnotherapy.  The healing art of relaxation.  Trusting yourself is a cultivated practice of learning how to turn inwards whilst awakening your ‘true’ navigation, immersing in your soul’s wisdom, her light language; she knows you better than anyone ever can. 

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The Dream Shaman

Designed to help you to understand and relate to your dreams, in a powerful and transformational technique called “dream appreciation

Tarot Card Deck

Introduction to Tarot - Self Paced Course

This introduction to tarot psychology is an EASY TO LEARN TAROT immersive is a passive training, self paced study online program for tarot lovers who desire to deepen their connection to the tarot in an easy to learn format, covering all the 78 CARDS - the what you “need to know” foundational basics of tarot reading for yourself and others.

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