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Soul readings are an opportunity for you to immerse yourself in the light of your soul whilst I read the harmonic light energies of your soul light.

Harmonic light energies can be explained as light language, and your souls unique personal symbology. It’s a language,  that I am able to interpret through all of my senses as you give me permission to do so.  I can hear your heart in melodic motion as we begin our session,  I can feel how you are holding yourself the moment you step through my doors.  Your harmonic light frequency begins to talk to me. I believe we all have our own unique harmonic light energies. The more you relax the more I can sense and then we soon begin our collaborative creative process; I lift my heart to meet yours and together we journey through the heart of channelling. 

Soul readings are not fortune telling, they are therapeutic conversations.

Tuning in with my beloved Mythic Tarot, we traverse the higher planes of consciousness, traveling deep in the heart of your current circumstances whilst your soul s’ navigate me towards uncovering your soul map, revealing the current influencers in your life and where your energies are currently evolving.

We become the conduit for light frequencies, which heighten our senses and lift the veil intuitively to reveal the wisdom of your heart. 

Soul readings are messages from your guides and your soul to provide you with support and love, guiding you towards your purpose. During our session you will have direct experience of your soular light, as I hold space for you to experience more of who you are, with clarity and insight.

Soul readings are much like spiritual counselling, except the counselling is directly influenced by the wisdom of your heart and the cards become metaphors and symbols for you to gain new perspectives and higher understandings of your personal life path.  The cards reveal your personal symbology.

  • You will receive insight about your future in the context of the call of your heart

  • You will receive wisdom to guide you through to your next step or chapter

  • You will gain a sense of your soul energy as we begin to tune into your harmonic light energies

  • You will feel empowered by the light of your soul

  • You will have a sense of direction and purpose

Duration: We will generally need 1 - 1.5 hours to complete our journey together.   I try not to let the session go over that time as often the content can be lost through over talking.


Where:  Via Zoom video conferencing. / In-Person (Scarborough private practice) upon request

Time:  All times are WST, Australia

Cost:  $180 (AUD)

BOOKINGS:  Click on the link below to book and pay for your session in one easy process.   Once you have booked and paid for your session, a diary invitation will be sent to you with the Zoom link included.

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Soul Readings

A Therapeutic Conversation and a Heart to Heart


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