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You're an intuitive and spiritual entrepreneur and you've been hitting a wall for a while now, unsure of how to up-level and make more money in your business.  You're not fully claiming your niche and afraid to go all on in what you actually love doing. You know you need to liberate your true magic, but you're feeling "blocked" .


You're also know that in this current climate, you do need to get your soulful business online, but you don't know what, where, how and when.


You don't know, what you don't know, and you know this, which is why you need some coaching so someone cant teach you!


And you'd also love to transform your in-house business into an online temple….


You also have an in-house soulful service, that is stagnating, you know it needs an upgrade and re-branding and again, you know have idea where to start, because if you did you would have done it yesterday. 

Enter…. You and me, one to one and 8 or 12 weeks of going ALL IN on your business, teaming up, upgrading, creating & selling out your  soul signature services, ONLINE,  creating PRESENCE, IMPACT, CLIENTS and MONEY! 

I’m not about to send you to a website to watch a video and negate any responsibility, whilst leaving you in the lurch, to work this shit out on your own. If you knew how to do it you would have done this by now!

It really isn’t as hard has it appears and there are multiple ways in which we can bring your soul work online to still earning money doing what you love.

There are multiple ways in which we can bring your in house business into alignment of doing what you love and making sure you are being taken care of financially. Your business is supposed to support you too. 

Intuitive and Spiritual entrepreneurs generally are lost in the area of social media and online marketing… and are afraid of the online space - what to say what do to do. And you have a people pleaser that's running rife in your business needs to take a back seat! 

I’m going to teach you everything that I know in social media and marketing, whilst running a soulful business that has me making $10,000 plus months, to give you the confidence to go out there and get the amazing sell out results, that my clients and I receive - of course, we are going in collaboratively, I’ll help you every step of the way.

Wild Woman Lilith… yes that’s you, the you that’s sick of holding back.


  • At some point if you want to grow, you need to stop pretending that things are working for you when they are not, hiding the truth, and sabotaging your own soul business growth.

  • You know now more than ever, it’s time to get support and help.

Wild Woman Lilith… you’ve had enough of putting up with a life that has you broke and over giving, giving away freebies in the hope that people will value your gift.


  • If you keep joining the sea of intuitive and spiritual entrepreneurs who are playing the “altruistic” card to win people over, you too will end up broke and burnt out.

I know you NEED AND WANT to bring your soulful business online to create programs, courses and services that sell out, but you don’t know how to that YET!

What You Get

The Journey

How do I support you in a 1:1 mentoring capacity?


  • Unlimited daily Voxer access and or on messenger to have your back when you need the support.

  • 8 or 12 Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly Zoom 90 minute - 2 hour mastermind 1:1 sessions to work through your personal and soul business growth.

  • Online training & content whenever you need.

  • We go deep into your offerings and create your new program or service or upgrade your program or service TOGETHER in our sessions, I'm walking along side you.

  • 12 Breakthrough Sessions using these tools to align you with your soul work and purpose, aligning you with what you love.


  1. Soul Reading

  2. Channelling

  3. Akasha

  4. Shadow Work

  5. Womb clearing

  6. Timeline therapy

  7. Past life other life

  8. Hypnosis

  9. Narrative therapy


PLUS 8 or 12 weeks of Soulful Biz, PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT, Strategy and Marketing Coaching.

  • who you serve

  • how you serve

  • what problems do you solve

  • your tool kit/solutions

  • create and launch your program/service

Your Investment

COST:  Available upon expression of interest in program.

EXTRA BONUS:  sign up now and you will also be divinely compensated with an extra 1:1 - 2 hour session that you can use anytime you need as follow up after we’ve completed our journey for extra support!

WHERE:  Zoom 

DATES: I'm ready when you are!

When & Where

Want to know More?

THIS PROGRAM IS BY APPLICATION please contact me via the booking form.

Want to hear more about

"Wild Woman Lilith"?

Leave your info below and

I’ll get back to you.


TOGETHER, we plan, organise, create strategies, go over branding and get this online biz on the most easiest platforms, making you money sooner than later, so you can thrive, creating your passion to purpose, doing what you LOVE, personally and professionally!

We talk money whenever you want! Heal money blocks and create a loving, safe relationship with money, to magnetise more of it.

We cover 3 key areas to manifest your big desires:


  • Program/service development: Me and you, in collaboration unveiling and unleashing your soul purpose, aligning and on fire with your soul work (your genius), having you lit up and shining like the star you truly are, creating amazing content, life changing programs that leave a legacy, and services that you have you excited again about your soul business.

  • Energy and somatic work: We give voice to your spiritual mentors, your guides: you are in sacred collaboration with spirit. You’re a spiritual entrepreneur, you’re in service to the divine, it’s a calling and we drop down deep into your belly where Lilith resides, and inside the heart of your spirituality where spirit resides accessing the power of your intuition, heart and divine intelligence.  

  • Mindset work and shadow work: Overcome the problem stories that have held you captive, moving beyond the fears & uncovering unconscious beliefs that have a cloak-and-dagger hold on you, exposing the politics of power that have held you back from making money you deserve and want, expressing your true nature, beyond patriarchy and the conditioning of your past!


Together we will produce amazing ONLINE courses and services that’ll have you feeling elevated, excited about your life again, because it’s giving back to you, paying you what you deserve, so that you can thrive personally and professionally. 


By signing up and paying to participate in any offerings provided by Marina Lovasz, you agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions, which can be found in the footer of this website.

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