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The Heart of Channelling
Find clarity on your spiritual gifts and how to integrate them in your soul work with this 4 week immersion

Tapping into your spiritual gifts will unlock your potential to facilitate channelling sessions that generate amazing results for your clients. To do this you need to trust, overcome the doubts, awaken your psychic abilities and let yourself be guided by your amazing spirit team to be supported to fulfil your dreams!


The Heart of Channelling, a 4-part live online channelling training and mentoring journey will empower you to

  • have a tangible connection with spirit,

  • be a clear channel for spirit,

  • channel messages for yourself and others with clarity and 

  • activate your soul purpose

If you’re a lightworker, mystic, creative, psychic or intuitive and want clarity on your spiritual gifts and how to monetise them... then this is for you.

You will learn how to cultivate your relationship with spirit, develop your soul work, and liberate your soul purpose in collaboration and the mentorship of spirit.


It's time to course correct and become the light the world needs. Time to make a deeper spiritual connection, heal your heart, develop self-love and self-worth, uncover your true purpose, develop your soul work, and collaborate with spirit

Lightworkers we need you. This is an amazing time in history, to go inward and cultivate the healer you were ordained to be in this lifetime.  Your creativity is the big medicine that will move you out of fear into the light of transformation and the change we need globally!

We are the light, it is time to claim it.

In this liberating and life-changing work you will learn how to:

  • Work in collaboration with spirit

  • Activate your third eye naturally

  • Trust your intuition

  • Hear your guides

  • Feel your guides

  • See your guides

  • Channel with clarity

  • Know your future...


You will learn how mystics/shamans/psychics move between worlds - consciously - accessing gateways/portals through the senses to develop your empowering relationship with spirit.



  • Heart Activation, soul immersion; you become the portal

  • Opening to channel, spirit embodiment practices; activating sensation and perception

  • How to interpret the messages with clarity verbal channelling; reading light language

  • Channelling for yourself and others; divine compensation, monetising your soul work

The Journey

What you can expect:


  • Nurture more self love and self worth into your life

  • Deepen your connection to your soul and spirit

  • Heal your relationship to yourself, radical self care/self love

  • Heal your heart and learn to trust your heart again

  • Learn how to trust YOU

  • Discover your soul work and how you can be of divine service

  • Develop an clear and loving connection to your spirit guide

  • Work in sacred collaboration with spirit activating your soul purpose

  • These shifts will reverberate through to your personal relationships, business and every aspect of your life

The Sacred Container

4 x Weekly LIVE Group Zoom Sessions


PLUS - Secret Facebook group with weekly content and training material to share.

This space is where you can practice reading for others, ask questions when needed to maximise your learning, sharing your channelled and intuitive gifts to strengthen your connection to spirit.

Bonus Gifts  for You

  • Channelling Insight Guide
  • Online training materials PLUS a series of 4 channelling hypnotic channelling meditations
  • Access to my online training portal with all your course training

When & Where

Course Delivery 
Fortnightly online sessions are delivered via zoom and your course material are available to you via Member Vault, our online course portal. Access to both will be provided to you prior to the course start date.

New course starting 30th March 2024

Course dates are:

30th March, 13th, 27th April and 11th May.

9am - 11.30am.

There are 2 payment options. 
One full payment of $397.00 or an easy pay option of  2 x fortnightly payments of $215.00
Please select from the button below and on payment you will receive an email with the course information. (Please remember to check your spam inbox.)


By signing up and paying to participate in any offerings provided by Marina Lovasz, you agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions, which can be found in the footer of this website.

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