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SOUL WORK is a 12 Week, Group Coaching Intensive Mastermind for Intuitive and Spiritual Entrepreneurs, to Create, Clients, Services and Courses that SELL OUT!!

Finally get the business mentoring you need to have your soulful sacred arts business aligned, on track and making profit that takes you to 6 figures - it's not a dream it's a reality when you have the right structures in place!

PLUS in this container, you have the opportunity to receive all the tech support, with all the backend tech sorted with your personal VA! We've got you, so you can finally make the money you deserve and want! 


 Having our virtual assistant on your team is going to give you the confidence you need to have you delivering your soul work with pride!  You then you get to invest your time in the delivery of soul work and you craft, instead of all the admin and tech tasks that you don't know how to do, that steal HOURS of time, from family and private life! Honestly speaking from experience, the stress of trying to work out the tech myself was an absolute waste of time and created more headaches and problems than I needed. 


So this will be so LIBERATING FOR YOU, let's collapse time for you and have your business finally sorted with all the right structures in place - you're investing in YOUR BUSINESS and hiring multiple 6 figure business mentor guiding you to success, and also investing in getting the tech help you need to finally reach LONG TERM SUSTAINABLE INCOME.

YOU are the niche and you sharing your true passion in alignment with your heart (LOVE), is what creates the energy for you to CREATE LIGHT MONEY in your soulful business, attracting clients and creating services that SELL OUT!


And when you're in the pocket of the very thing that you love beyond a shadow of any doubt, the confidence and ability to sell your courses, programs or services is easy... you magnetise to you, what you want! AND when you removed the stress of being the one man show trying to do EVERYTHING, you get to be relaxed and in tune with your soulful business. You get to focus your time and energy in your genius zone.... what a relief! I can assure you having been where you are, I know how important it is to have all the tech done for, and it increased my sales exponentially!


And you get to be in the ease and flow, the relaxation of trusting you, focused on your craft, which is the key element for a thriving, abundant, soulful and magical business that creates LIGHT MONEY $$$ through LOVE and not fear.

And if you’ve been feeling lost and confused about in your soulful business, and how to be back in the pocket of your SOUL WORK (aka in flow in your genius zone), to attract consistent flow of clients and money,  this 12 week program is the kick start you need to reinvigorate your soulful business, you can relax, knowing the blocks will be removed, in this done for program. 


AND THE BEST PART! I hear it all the time, I don’t have a website, I don’t have payment links set up, I don’t know how to set up calendly, I don’t have time, I’ll do that later and it never gets done and you stay stuck, and "blocked" simply because the tech stuff is intimidating you, and you don’t have enough hours in the day or the know how!


In this mastermind, you get the option of having our awesome and talented Virtual Assistant Hayley French to set up all the social and technical ‘stuff’ that you don’t have time to do, or don’t know how to do!


For example, landing pages, website maintenance, social media, email sequences, Stan store set up, Calendly, Membervault, Mailchimp etc etc!


Hayley will be with us on our journey in each session, making sure, she’s listening to your needs, and sorting out whatever you need to have your business in flow, looking professional and stream lined with the right technical supports in place to have you making money you deserve, sooner than later.

And here is the other thing, if you want a 6 figure business and beyond, you need a signature offer, to be known for something that is unique to you - your business wants to love you back, but you gotta let the love in!

If you already have the tech sorted by need to get that SIGNATURE offer sorted, creating your own intellectual property and course, that is unique to you, I've got your back. We will mastermind this together. 


If you're not in your genius or clear on your true soul work, you'll be creating a business like a  labyrinth, being a jack of all trades and master of none, busy trying to fulfil every area of peoples' lives, trying to solve every problem and your potential amazing soul mates clients are going to be super confused about what you actually do, who you serve and how you serve, resulting in little to zero sales!


And unfortunately you will repel more clients than you will attract.


You can totally do business on your terms creating products that are in full alignment with what you LOVE - you need to unleash YOU, and your passions. 




I will to take you through a step by step EASY journey, with SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE strategies and training to take you from contraction to expansion, so that you can create money doing what you love, built on strong SOLID foundations. I'll take you through a step by step process that is repeatable over and over again for every new product you create to sell. Everything will be finally set up, no more "I don't know how" and you hit a wall. 


You'll be learning about EMBODIMENT practices and SOMATIC WORK, becoming consciously familiar with your energetic field, to what lights you up, what gives you that life giving activation, to feel into where your craft really is, to magnetise your SOUL MATE CLIENTS AND LIGHT MONEY.

The Journey

Session 1. What are your gifts and how do you share your gifts? ​

  • How to get clear on your niche

  • Your values matter

  • Your message mantra 

  • Your reason your legacy 

  • Platforms and Presence 

  • Marketing 101 creating an audience


  • You are the source of creating what you want

  • You are abundance  

Session 2: Who do you serve, who are your soul mate clients? 

  • Who are your soul mate clients?

  • The psychology of your soul mate clients 

  • What problems do you know how to solve?

  • Getting clear on your results

  • Marketing 101, how to speak and write your message to reach those who matter!


  • Magnetising what you want 

  • Magnetising your soul mate clients

Session 3: How to create your SOUL WORK service or program in alignment with your gifts!

  • Service creation 

  • Program creation

  • Course creation


  • Trusting your inner guidance

  • Trusting your success

Session 4:  LAUNCH TIME 

  • Creating a  launch that you can back with a full bodied CONFIDENCE, to sell your program, course or service

  • Consistency 

  • Visibility 

  • Positioning 

  • SOULFUL Sales 


  • Trusting you can do what you love 

  • Giving and Receiving - playing with light money

Session 5 & 6:  LAUNCH FOLLOW UP "rinse and repeat" with a possible tweak!

Is this for You?

Are you ready to:


  • LOVE your soulful biz into prosperity, with your programs' services filling, and actually doing THE WORK YOU LOVE, your soul work

  • CREATE an organic reach of SOUL MATE CLIENTS, who are willing to pay for your services, by speaking your TRUE VOICE AND TRUE MESSAGE with clarity

  • ​DO THE ENERGY WORK and SELL OUT your services


  • Finally understand MARKETING AND  YOUR UNIQUE WAY OF BUSINESS, WITH ALIGNED STRATEGIES THAT WORK FOR YOU to shift your business into supporting both you and your clients, and serve with incredible aligned services and be compensated with a 6 figure income

  • Overcome your fears of visibility and SHARE YOUR GIFTS WITH CONFIDENCE?​

  • Learn SOULFUL SALES that have everything to do with supporting your soul mate clients, to get clear on what they need and how you can help them

  • Have clients coming to you, rather than you chasing down clients

The Sacred Container

  • Biweekly online LIVE Zoom conferencing as 90 minute Mastermind Marketing and Soul biz & Strategy

  • Energy work to manifest your soul work downloads, TO GROUND from inspiration to form with practical, strong strategic foundations to take your biz to the next level for 6 figure success.

  • Online training and content with step by step guides for simplicity, and instructions for your unique marketing strategy.

  • Secret Voxer Wed-Thursday for follow up and Q&A support FB group for our Soul Work tribe.

  • Pay in FULL and receive a 1:1 90 minute Mastermind session with me to map out your signature offer and receive 1:1 for any area in your business.

When & Where

Starts: 2nd May 

Live calls: Thursdays - 6pm

Where:   ZOOM  

6 x 90 min mastermind calls

with Wed-Thurs coaching Voxer access

for follow up Q&A

Pay in Full $1800 / $333 x 6 Fortnight Easy Pay
 Pay in full and receive your bonus - 90 min coaching session valued at $333! 
PLUS!! You've got the added option to get your own Virtual Assistant to do it for you, you will be sent an email to purchase this once you sign up to the course
Pay in Full $1000 / $200 x 6 Fortnightly Easy Pay


By signing up and paying to participate in any offerings provided by Marina Lovasz, you agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions, which can be found in the footer of this website.

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