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The Divine Rebellion 

Awakening Your Divine Purpose 





'A global invitation' to creative and intuitive women who are soul driven and spirit led


Being an empath and highly sensitive is a true gift and if you are able to harness this power, it can truly be your guiding light, your soul navigational tool in this life time to be an incredible teacher and leader for yourself and others. 

Your spirituality underpins your entire human experience and without it life feels meaningless. Creative women need to harness the power of their intuition to truly access their connection with the divine and to feel authentically grounded. 

If you're not being true to you, your sensitivity will be sounding internal alarm bells, the fear of being trapped and stuck in a life that is not you. 

I know as a creative and sensitive woman myself, it is life draining and depressing, living life to keep myself small and contracted, stealing my quality of life. I'm a Divine Rebel I was born to create my own rules and destiny! And so are YOU!

I’ve designed a life changing program, littered with diamonds of self-worth TO EMPOWER YOUR LIFE:

“The Divine Rebellion, Awakening Your Divine Purpose”, for creative intuitive women who have incredible sensitivity and empathic abilities, empowering women step up as HEALERS, TEACHERS and LEADERS in the intuitive and creative arts, in service to the divine and their spirituality.

In this program you will awaken your inner genius that is contained in the very essence of your creative spark, whilst learning practical and strategic steps that will help you to cultivate your art, creative endeavour, services, clients and income to be the DIVINE LEADER, TEACHER OR HEALER that you’re meant to be..


  1. We’ll start by ‘Building Your Resilience’, you’ll be learning how to trust your intuition, developing your inner compass and navigation, knowing your strengths and to strengthen your strengths, embodying your desire so it becomes a resonance through your entire being, and unveiling your soul map and soul purpose.

  2. Next, we work on ‘Heart Activation’ and the heart of channelling, calling in the light beings connecting clearly with our divine helpers as we gather in all your resources externally and internally - we take a journey into the divine heart portal. On this journey, we begin cultivating our channelling practice and our path of service to the divine. We learn to become the unified field informed by the most powerful and sublime energy in the universe – LOVE.

  3. We ‘Make Manifest’ we embody The Goddess Path we merge with the three faces of the goddess, healing the divine feminine within, practicing the heart of witchery, learning how to become the divine instrument for the Goddess and our unique medicine, to be expressed out into the world; we become the divine rebellion and spirit takes form. We create clients, influence and income.  

If you knew with certainty that you could be living your path of soul service, doing what you love, creating your art, creating clients, influence, income, living true to your values and soul, informed by LOVE, would you be willing to invest? 

Would you like to know more? Are you ready to learn more about you? 

You are welcome to contact me for your FREE INTUITIVE ARTS MENTORING session to unveil your soul path.

Soul driven, spirit led.

Empower your life.

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