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9 Month Tarot Therapy

Training and Mentoring

A spiritual immersion with Marina Lovasz

Explore the tarot and how it weaves into the hero’s journey of your life story, delve into a range of psychotherapeutic tools, do the inner work and create a successful tarot business in this 9-month immersive training.

This course is for spiritual practitioners who:


Are passionate about spiritual leadership
Love the Tarot and the work they do with it
Are a spiritual practitioner or desire to be one
Know that first you need to walk the path and do the work
Want to go much deeper than just Tarot Reading
Are ready to analyse the psychological journey of your own life
Want to discover how to weave that journey into Tarot
Desire to merge the sacred art of Tarot with the modern-day art of psychology


I am a graduate of Marina's 9-month Tarot therapy course, and one of the most important things you should know is that this is not your average Tarot training. Over the nine months, Marina provides a nourishing container where you will go on a journey through the Tarot and develop therapeutic techniques that enable you to guide your clients in the most supportive and transformational way.

The experiential training and therapeutic skills you develop in this course will leave you confident and prepared to provide the highest standard of Tarot therapy and ensure that your clients experience life-changing evolution whilst feeling completely safe in your hands.

From day one, Marina encourages and supports you through practising your skills. Marina believes in your ability wholeheartedly, and her encouragement made me feel confident to incorporate Tarot therapy into my energetics and mindest coaching practice.

I now use Tarot therapy and Human Design as primary modalities when guiding my clients through their energetic and soul expansion journey. Through your Human Design journey, you learn how you are energetically designed to interact with the world around you in a way that promotes ease and flow in your life. Your chart holds codes of understanding about your energetic gifts, your soul purpose, and what you came here to experience and express in your lifetime. This information is priceless, and when you start working with your design, you learn how to create the most soulful, abundant, and nourishing life.

A challenge that many of us face throughout our lives is that we are exposed to experiences that shape and mold us in ways that don't support our highest and most authentic evolution. This conditioning can provide resistance when working towards experiencing the magic of embodying your Human Design.


Tarot therapy offers the perfect bridge to support my clients through unearthing the repressed and unconscious material in a gentle, loving, and life-giving way so we can start building new, more empowering beliefs. Tarot therapy is vital to my clients' journey as they shed layers of conditioning and step into their most empowered versions.


I am so grateful for the incredible skills I gained through Marina's Tarot therapy course, as not only does it have life-changing results, it allows me to guide my clients with integrity and confidence.

If you commit to the process and take Marina's encouragement and support, I guarantee you will be rewarded for your investment. I have well and truly covered the costs of this course by providing deeply nourishing stand-alone Tarot readings and also incorporating Tarot therapy into my coaching business.

If you have been looking to stand out as a leader in your healing or coaching business, you really can't go past Marina's Tarot therapy course. Dive in!

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I know how powerful this work is...

After more than 30 years in this practice working with thousands of clients, I have seen my own life and theirs transformed.

Tarot is my life as well as my full-time business.
I was fortunate to be awakened to my purpose early but only through my own struggles. After working in the psychology field, I had my own crisis after birthing my beautiful daughter. Deep in the depths of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, I knew I couldn’t turn away from my journey anymore. I was strongly encouraged to medicate but I refused, I still don’t know what gave me the faith to reject that path which wasn’t for me, but something inside did. I went through my own hero’s journey and through hypnosis, channeling, psychological work, hypnotherapy, intuitive arts and spirit work, I made a full recovery.
I went on to build a business mentoring others as they navigate the same journey and teaching those who want to go deeper and become spiritual mentors themselves.
This course, 9-month Tarot Therapy Training and Mentoring is the cumulation of that journey and 30 years in the field doing the work. The work that has enabled me to support my family with an ample income source and the joy of doing the work I was put here to do. I want to support you to do the same.


Nicola Chanot.jfif

I have just embarked on my second 9 month Tarot Practitioner Course with Marina because I enjoyed the first one so much and wanted to do it again.

I was new to tarot but had messed about with some cards for a few years but had no idea how powerful  the mythic tarot therapy could be and all the deep learning and knowledge you can get from the symbology and mythology in the cards, Marina teaches counselling 101 and Jungian psychology which compliments the cards and gives them such depth and she teaches how to interpret them in a much more meaningful way than just reading the description from the normal tarot books you get. I also completed the channelling course which was brilliant and I had no idea I could channel so easily and it again compliments the tarot therapy.

If you immerse yourself, which I find hard not to because it’s so interesting and life changing, then you will easily become a proficient tarot therapist with Marina’s expertise and highly intuitive gifts.  I highly recommend her courses or to have an astrological and tarot reading with her. Yes she also  teaches the astrological associations to the cards!

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This intensive 9-month training is so much more than just Tarot Card Reading, during our sessions we will delve into:

Tarot Psychology,


Divinatory meaning of the cards,

Grief and loss counselling,

Mediumship work


Narrative Therapy,

Jungian therapy,

Dream therapy,


Somatic Work,

We all know you can’t hold space for others if you haven’t done the work yourself. Along this journey, you will take your own spiritual development journey so get ready to unpack all that baggage and do the work to take yourself to the level you have been seeking. This work requires you to look deeply inside your own Hero’s Journey.
But this isn’t just a self-development course.
You will also have front-seat access to my business and marketing wisdom that has helped me build a successful business. My online business accelerator program, Soul Work, is yours to keep and work through time and time again.
All this designed so that you can be the lightworker you know you are and walk others through the transformation they need.

Clare Bennett.jfif

Therapeutic Tarot is an important part of my business and work with clients. I go live on my Facebook profile every week giving readings, and offer an in person Tarot Group Therapy event called Tarot and Tea in Glasgow weekly. And of course I use it with one to one clients. So versatile.

As a graduate of Marina's Tarot training I can tell you it is nothing short of very special. If you already read the Tarot you will gain a much deeper perspective on the spiritual and psychological aspects of the cards and come away with a brighter jewel in your crown. If you are looking to learn to read the cards you will be blown away with the depth of knowledge and practical understanding you gain. Either way, she will take you on a personal journey that you will
never forget. Marina is generous in her desire to help you UNDERSTAND. Her trainings are a brilliant opportunity that
shouldn't be missed.

Marina's mentoring and training to be a Therapeutic Mythic Tarot reader has really opened me, my business and my life up. I was already a certified - Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner, meditation teacher, and reiki master. But even with all these tools there was something missing and I didn't even know it!

I attended one of Marina's shorter trainings just for fun and out of curiosity more than anything, but was really pulled in by her passion and wisdom, and could see how much it would bring to me, my clients and my business. I found myself feeling excited and signing up to her Therapeutic Tarot Reader mentorship programme out of the blue. 

It's honestly given me so much in my personal and professional practice, and I feel deeply grateful. Our group space has felt deeply nourishing and I have loved connecting with likehearted souls. I feel DEEPLY that I embody The Queen of Cups and I am embracing the fuller, darker and more mystical side of myself and really unleashing her true magic into the world. 

Today I have just gone live giving readings for over an hour and earlier today I gave one of my clients an extended 2 hour reading for her business and romantic relationship, I am absolutely loving it.  If you're thinking about signing up, I'd say go for it!

I just wanted to share this as it's been such a treasure in my life, we only have a couple of sessions left but I feel deeply grateful for all that has been experienced ❤ Thank you Marina!

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Are you ready?

Your 9-Month Tarot Therapy Training and Mentoring Course includes:


Lifetime access to all the course materials - videos, PDFs and resources
Weekly 2.5-hour live sessions where we delve deeply into the course content
Weekly hypno-narrative, therapy, counselling, training, mentoring
Facebook group to connect with other likeminded practitioners and get support from Marina

To see all the details of each module, click here!

Plus Bonuses!

Soul Work, my tarot business accelerator program worth $660
Psychic Circle, my holistic spiritual elevation program worth $660

Both yours to keep forever and work through at your own pace

If you know you are ready to jump into my 9 Month Tarot Therapy program my next intake is 8 February 2023.

This is my only Tarot Therapy evening course for next year!

 6pm AWST | 8/9pm AEST | 6am ET  | 7am GMT 

Join now for the early bird price!

Pay upfront with a one-off payment of $3333 AUD​​

12 monthly easypay

of $277.75 AUD

By signing up and paying to participate in any offerings provided by Marina Lovasz, you agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions, which can be found in the footer of this website.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I pay via payment plans?

Yes, absolutely. I offer this course with 12 monthly easy pay payments. If you need a different arrangement, send me an email at

Will this course set me up to be a professional tarot reader?

Yes, this and so much more. Not only will you go through your own spiritual journey, but you will feel confident to lead others through the same. In fact, the course will pay for itself after just 20 readings.

Can I do this course if I have no tarot experience?

Yes, you can dive right in and take the full journey with no experience at all. As this course has advanced therapeutic content and is also suitable for those with tarot experience if you feel you need a slower transition into this work, I suggest you start with my Introduction to Tarot. Contact me for a price on combining these 2 courses.

How is this different to other tarot courses?

This course isn’t about just tarot reading, we can have a deep dive into the Mythic Tarot so that you can integrate it into your life journey and those you read for. We combine a range of modalities that will support you to read for yourself and others in a holistic way. This is self-development, business development, therapy and tarot all rolled in to one course. There is no other course on the market that covers all the aspects we will cover here.

How much time will this take me?

This course is designed to be in-depth and comprehensive. Our weekly calls run for approximately 2.5 hours plus you will have your own self-paced study to continue as well. This course doesn’t just brush the surface, we dive right in, so it’s recommended to allow up to 5 hours a week to cover the course material.

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