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Self Study

The essence of my practice is soul immersion  to support you to master your fears, to live a life you truly desire. 


Selected programs are available for self paced study, to work through the lessons in your own time.

Please see below the services currently available for self paced study, to support you in your chosen journey.


Lovers Tarot Masterclass

A masterclass on how to be an oracle for love & relationships, learn how to do love readings in 1 hour!

Step by step with full bodied meanings of each of the cards.  Take a soulful journey with PYSCHE through the portal of your heart into the water element of the Cups of the Mythic Tarot to learn how to complete a LOVERS TAROT READING for yourself and others, with CUPS and CUPS COURT cards of the tarot!


Pendulum & Ouija Masterclass

Channel the light beings and receive guidance!

Divining with a pendulum is an art that anyone can learn!  Many of us are waking up to the realisation that to create a fully aligned life, we must learn how tap into our subjective intuitive being, as all the answers and solutions to our problems are actually found within our soul.