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Dates Jan 11 - April 4 2024

Thursday evenings at 6 - 8.30 pm AWST



Embark on a mystical journey through our Psychic Circle Coven as we step into the enchanting world of witchery, magick and manifesting for 2024, it's YOUR time to wield the forces of your manifestation powers and turn your dreams into tangible results and treasures.

SACRED ARTS and SOULFUL BUSINESS OWNERS, I’ve created this just for you, whether you're a seasoned witchery practitioner or just at the beginning to weave your magick, join me for a LIVE MANIFESTING COVEN where together as a group we dive into the heart of sacred arts, witchery and magick amplifying our manifesting powers. Everything your heart truly desires is not only possible; it's yours for the claiming!

If you're tired of put your dreams on the back burner, and ready to transcend the limits you've placed upon yourself and your business, making the shift from "I can't" to "I CAN," and ‘SO IT IS’, to bringing it into manifest form, then this is your coven!

Your aspirations are not only within reach; your dreams and desires are eagerly awaiting on your command, YOUR WISH IS MY COMMAND!

Allow me to guide you on our Psychic Circle, witchery coven, featuring 8 live witchery training sessions that will rekindle your passion for your path and business, helping you to make the money to claim what is yours.

The universe stands ready to heed your every command, but you must boldly declare, "YES, I am 100% in for this magical carpet ride!" Roll out the magical carpet; your destiny awaits!

Picture yourself in the front row, witnessing the art of your manifestation with magick unfolding before your very eyes. Let yourself see what you want NOW, you are oracle for your destiny. YOU ARE CLAIRVOYANT. As you navigate through your desires for your soul's purpose, watch your intentions materialize into tangible reality.

Within you lies the power to make it all happen. Your innate desires hold incredible potency when you master the art of harnessing psychic energy, embodying your true desires, embracing them with sincerity and honesty, and expanding them into the ordained path destined was always for you.

You are the oracle of your destiny, the living spell with the power resonating from within.

What do you yearn to create in your life?

• Love & relationship?

• Your true purpose?

• Health & wealth?

• Business and career?

• Tangible items like a home or a new car?

Unlock the secrets of your psychic superpowers, where your intuition becomes the gateway to manifesting your heart's desires. The universe is whispering the steps and answers to you 24/7, offering clear direction, support, and pathways to bring your dreams to fruition.

Your desires are always meant for you. Let's uncover them from the subconscious and manifest them into reality!

Acknowledge what you want, make it conscious, sharpen your focus on the prize, and the rewards will exceed your wildest imagination. Divine compensation awaits when you boldly say YES and take aligned action.

YOU are the treasure you seek, you are the dream board, you are the spell.

Greetings! Marina Lovasz here, WITCH, and your Soul Purpose Mentor. My magical journey with psychic circle, began in 2020, amidst the storm of life's challenges. Homeless and grappling with loss, I turned to my magickal craft to create something grander than ever before.

In the face of adversity, I harnessed my psychic energy to manifest the seemingly impossible — owning a home, transforming a 5-figure business into a 6-figure venture, creating my signature Tarot Therapy Course and embracing abundance in all aspects of life.


Within six months, I turned my life around, from homelessness to residing in a beachside haven, from worn-out clothes to choosing whatever I desired, and even fulfilling my daughter's dream of having horse riding lessons and real horse named 'BRAX.'

Trust in your dreams, let your true intentions surface, and stop to minimising what's possible for you. Create daily rituals into spells, consult your book of shadows and weave your intentions in words, and tap into your unconscious where your deepest desires lie.

THE KEY: Say yes to the offerings from your psychic landscape, no matter how colossal or distant they may seem. YOU ARE THE SPELL!

The Journey


The Journey begins as we embark on a mystical voyage, crossing the veil into the psychic landscapes of the sacred mythological and archetypal tales of 8 powerful goddesses whilst harnessing their energies to empower our intentions and craft:

• Vesta

• Lilith

• Aphrodite

• Selene

• Isis

• Lakshmi

• Kali Ma

• Athene

Guided between worlds, you'll align with moon cycles and harness the astrological forecasts of the week. Each week we will embody the energy of the goddess and spirit, expressing your power uniquely, for your manifesting, personal growth, and transformation in the most life-giving tangible ways.

In each session, you'll practice and refine your intuitive and psychic powers, learning to trust your inner being as the compass navigating your journey. You have access to self-paced study content on moon cycles, candle magick, spells, intention setting, and rituals to enhance the energy of each archetype and her magick whenever you feel called!

What  To Expect

  • What To Expect:

  • • 8 live 2.5hr sessions, where we practice our craft in real time.

  • • Self-paced online course with in-depth training materials and resources.

  • • Lifetime access to the course through MemberVault.

  • • Channelling training 101.

  • • Psychic development training 101.

  • • Hypnosis and somatic meditation practices.

  • PLUS, a special bonus awaits: If you pay in full, receive my LOVERS Tarot Self Study Package and Training for FREE!

  • Step into the magical coven for 2024 and claim the enchantment that awaits.

  • Your destiny is calling, and the Goddess, spirit and the sacred arts are your guide.

✨ Altars and the power of the prayer
✨ Fire magic and fire spells 
✨ Banishing spells 
✨ Attraction and love spells
✨ Money and manifestation spells 
✨ Moon Magic and spells




$997.00 (AUD)

(incl. of GST)


$130.00 (AUD)

(incl. of GST)


By signing up and paying to participate in any offerings provided by Marina Lovasz, you agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions, which can be found in the footer of this website.

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