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Cultivating your Best Life

Let's start on the inside first, your best life is waiting for your loving attention!

  • Are you stuck in ground hog day, doing the same ole thing... expecting and hoping for different results?

  • Are you finding it difficult to set sold boundaries, feeling pushed and pulled by people in your life?

  • Have you lost your way, feel disconnected from pleasure and life?

  • Are you longing to have a soulful loving connection with yourself?

We spend a vast amount of time, navigating through our material world, in the outside world, responding and reacting to life, feeling the push and the pull of others.

Empathic and highly sensitive people can easily become distracted and almost losing themselves in the energies of the external environments, where the boundaries of who you are become blurred through your innate gifted ability to sense the invisible world around you.

It is imperative that you spend some time 'un-peopling' to focus inwards on what you want and need... to put yourself first; to fill your cup first; so that you have the energy to go out into the world, with confidence in yourself!

Are you ready to shift your perspective and ‘AWAKEN' the most VIBRANT, HIGH and EXPANSIVE version of YOU?

Your identity is fluid, change is the natural state of our reality!

IT BEGINS ON THE INSIDE FIRST.  New beginnings are created from the inside first and then you expand it out into the material world, landing it into your reality through making choices that align with this brighter light within.

On this journey, we start from the beginning, you learn how to awaken the seer, to be the visionary of your life, cultivating your preferred reality, learning about personal boundaries, activating life giving memories, stories and cultivating your best life, and preferred versions of YOU.

You are a multi-dimensional being and with unlimited potentialities, ways in which you can experience who you are and the way in which you narrate the stories within your journey.

On this journey, you are not rejecting any part of your life, nothing has been a mistake, you are in full permission to experience all your feelings, light and dark, you are all shades of light and dark AND YOU NO LONGER HAVE TO HIDE.

It is a calling in, a SOUL RETRIEVAL bringing all those scattered pieces of you back home and to heal and to BECOME WHOLE and VIBRANT.

THIS IS YOUR INVITATION TO BEGIN … we all have to start at the beginning...

The Journey

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On enrolment you'll receive: 

  • Welcome letter

  • FREE Journaling Manual

What can you expect:

  • Weekly training materials delivered to support your journalling

  • Weekly LIVE training

  • Weekly Hypnosis

  • Weekly transformational journal prompts

  • Private/secret group for your confidentiality

On this powerful life changing journey, you will gain clarity on:

  • How to partner up with your future self

  • How to excavate life giving resources within, that leverage you up and towards your best life


  • OVERCOME THE BLOCKS that are in the way of doing what you love

  • How to RE-AUTHOR and NARRATE your story INTO BEING

  • How to become your PERSONAL POWER

  • How to become your SELF WORTH

  • How to channel your SOUL LOVE

  • How to awaken your CREATIVE POWER within

  • How to awaken your DESTINY AND SOUL CONTRACT

  • How to SET STRONG BOUNDARIES that support you and your personal growth

When & Where

WHEN:   Next program dates to be confirmed.

WHERE:  From the comfort of your own home!!

Sign Me Up



  • Payment in full, up front prior to early bird cut-off

$222 (AUD)



  • Payment in full, up front prior to program commencement

$247 (AUD)


By signing up and paying to participate in any offerings provided by Marina Lovasz, you agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions, which can be found in the footer of this website.

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