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Marina Lovasz

Soul Purpose Mentoring

Welcome Soul Travellers


I am hypnotherapist and mentor specialising in the intuitive arts and in particular channelling. My training and education has evolved from new age practices to psychology and psychiatry, counselling and mentoring. 

The essence of my practice is soul immersion  to support you to master your fears, to live a life you truly desire. I hold space to for you to awaken to your divinity, your unique soul path. Together, we unveil your soul map, so that you can know your soul purpose and destiny. 


I love my tarot cards. I've been reading my cards for over 20 years and have intimate connection with the images and energy of my deck.  My knowledge of my cards has evolved and deepened through my own evolving life path and lived experience. I love to share the medicine of my soul readings with you, to gift you with a connection with your heart, deepening your knowing and providing clarity about your life.  

I am also deeply connected with a Guide named Whispering Spirit, who lives out in the stars. He is gifted at transmitting light among other extraordinary gifts.  I've been consciously co-creating with Whispering Spirit for almost 25 years, creating workshops, courses and programs to share his teachings and training, teaching others how to channel, becoming instruments for the divine light and LOVE. 

I'm a post modern witch with old world knowledge, I call in the Goddess and her many archetypes, to support women to rise as divine thought leaders, teachers and healers. Together we walk between worlds, activating our path of divine service as we celebrate and appreciate our unique gifts, manifesting our sacred art into the world. I love to hold space for women to express all of who they are; the light and the dark and every shade in between. 

I'm looking forward to holding space for you. 

May you know the light of your true nature...

With love, 

Marina xo
B.psych, Dip counsel, Hypnotherapist, Narrative Therapy, Reiki Master/Teacher

Marina Lovasz

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Marina is amazing in everything she does. Her Divine Rebellion Program was the best thing I’ve ever done! I can’t recommend her highly enough. She truly is the BEST!...” 


—  Lisa W