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Introduction to Tarot Practitioner's Training

If you’ve always wanted to learn tarot with me, but overwhelmed with the 9 months of commitment. I heard you! and created this SIMPLE, EASY TO LEARN TAROT COURSE for you!

I’ve taken the overwhelm out of learning the tarot for you! This EASY TO LEARN TAROT immersive is a LIVE 10 week online program for tarot lovers who desire to deepen their connection to the tarot in an easy to learn format, covering all the 78 CARDS - the what you “need to know” foundational basics of tarot reading for yourself and others.


  • Learn all the Major Arcana and their rites of passage (life lessons)

  • Learn all the Minor Arcana and their elements (water, fire, air, earth) 

  • Learn all the Court Cards and their astrological associations (The people and our relationships)

  • Learn all about Celtic Cross and why it’s the best spread to use and the only spread you really need to know.


And mega bonus, you get to develop a new skill for your tool kit which you can monetise over and over again, if you choose!


I’m going to remove the scary feelings and thoughts of ‘how am I going to remember this’ out of the equation, by giving you the short cuts to focus on the main points that you need to learn to get you started with the best most useful foundational practices!


This course will get you moving forward quickly on your tarot journey with a strong start and have you standing out as a skilled reader, even as a beginner!


And don’t worry, you will have plenty of integration time between each live session to practice what you learned evenly paced so you learn without rushing it.


It will be super fun and exciting to develop a new skill – everyone loves a tarot reading!


If you’re simply wanting to learn the tarot for the love it, this is your perfect introductory course, as we will focus on the most important skill in a light and enjoyable way without the pressure to be a practitioner, whilst still learning the best ways to deliver true and accurate readings. 


This course is an introduction into the archetypal ‘rites of passage’ which are the life lessons that we all learn throughout the human experience, which will enable you to deepen your understanding of the tarot and the major arcana.


To participate on this journey all you need is a set of tarot cards and an open mind.


I will take you through an adventurous and mystical journey, introducing you to the ‘spirit of the tarot’, to develop your psychic and spiritual connection to your tarot, whilst learning the all basic ESSENTIAL foundations of how to read the tarot, to gain clarity, direction and purpose in your personal life, developing skills that you can apply straight away, to support your tarot journey for life! 


This program is for creative and intuitive souls, who love tarot, who want to learn how to the foundations of how to read tarot accurately ‘with spirit’; you become the divine instrument for the spiritual messages of the cards. In this course, your voice is the messenger for soul and spirit, to make the unseen visible, becoming a conscious creator and learning how to speak your destiny into being!

Introduction to Tarot
Practitioner's Training

What can you expect? 

  • Introduction to Tarot Practitioner's Training is an intro to psychic tarot reading and the intuitive foundations to delivering a soul reading with Mythic tarot (if you don’t have the mythic tarot you can use other cards but I recommend the mythic tarot!)

  • We explore the somatic experiencing, activating all the senses to awaken your empathic sensitivities to learn how to pick up psychic information about your client

  • We explore the Celtic Cross in depth and learn how to deliver readings based on the Celtic Cross map.

  • You learn the elements of the minor arcana to create easy and accurate interpretations.

  • We learn channelling and mediumship, exploring the personal unconscious with the major arcana archetypes, receiving guidance from spirit

  • We explore the spirit of the elements to invoke the different psychic centres:

  1. Seeing - visionary work

  2. Hearing - speaking with spirit

  3. Feeling - sensation and emotions

  4. Knowing - gut instincts

  • We explore timelines past present and future to provide confirmation guidance and direction

  • We explore symbology and personal symbology and how you can make connections for meanings and insights

  • We explore numerology and the minor arcana, how to incorporate that into your readings

  • On this journey you're a psychic reader, using the cards as a tool to illicit conversation and communicate with your personal unconscious and the mysterious nature of the unconscious mind!

What You Get

  • 5 x fortnightly (10 weeks), 2.5 hour Zoom online Training Immersion Sessions

  • Private Facebook Group

  • PLUS EXTRA Weekly Training Materials

The Journey

By the end of this journey:

  • You will have the confidence to deliver a psychic 10 card Celtic cross reading.

  • You will know the journey of the fool and how to apply that in a reading to provide past, present and future readings.

  • You will understand the nature of the elements and how that applies to the minor arcana and court cards and how that influences the energy of the reading.

  • You will know the numerology values and learn how to interpret the symbology to enhance your readings.

  • You will learn somatic experiencing, trance state and channelling to invoke the spirit of the archetype and he elements.

  • You will know the divinatory meanings of each card for quick spontaneous referencing to illicit your "downloads".

When & Where

Where:  Zoom Online - from the comfort of your own home!

When:    Fortnightly Thursdays, May 5 - June 30, 2022

Time:      6.00pm - 8.30pm (AWST) Australia






$555.00 (AUD)


  • 3 x consecutive monthly payments of $220
  • Total amount payable over a 6-week period is $660



$660.00 (AUD)

IMPORTANT NOTE:  By choosing the payment plan option, you are committing to pay the full course cost in its entirety during the abovementioned payment period.  No cancellations or refunds will be considered.


By signing up and paying to participate in any offerings provided by Marina Lovasz, you agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions, which can be found in the footer of this website.

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