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Spirit Talk -

Pendulum & Ouija Training 

Channel the light beings and receive guidance!

Divining with a pendulum is an art that anyone can learn!

Join me for Full Moon Spirit Night!

We live in a world where the rational mind is way over fed and our intuitive centre is starving and devalued.


Many of us are waking up to the realisation that to create a fully aligned life, we must learn how tap into our subjective intuitive being, as all the answers and solutions to our problems are actually found within our soul.  


Divining with a pendulum, is an incredible tool that can bridge the gap between the analytic and intuitive sides of our being so that you access your psychic abilities.


Many of you are only just discovering the importance of the balance between these two sides of being, and the pendulum is such an easy and natural way of discovering your psychic abilities.

  • Bring your intuition into your conscious reality

  • Find answers to questions that cannot be answered by rational thought!


We explore the amazing pendulum phenomena so you can learn how to exercise and trust your intuitive geniuses.


This is an experiential training; you can only learn by practising!


Together we will harness the power of the FULL MOON to open your heart and mind to divine with the LIGHT BEINGS and get the answers you need for your personal life!


Receive tangible experiences of spirit as they gift you with clarity, direction, guidance and insight into your life in areas of:


  • Love and relationships

  • Employment/career/business

  • Destiny/Soul Purpose

What  You'll Learn

In this fun and interactive LIVE online 3 hour training you will learn…


  1. You will learn about your relationship with your soul family, the light beings (aka as spirit)

  2. You will learn how to embody the light beings for tangible experiences of spirit and to receive guidance, healing, light codes and activations, through your senses.

  3. You will learn about your somatic awareness and “pendulation”, to know when you’re in contraction (distortion) or expansion (clarity) to learn what ‘downloads’ you can trust to receive clear guidance.

  4. You will learn how to use your pendulum with clarity and purpose

  5. You will learn how to use your pendulum on a spirit board and spirit talk with the light beings. 

Bonus Gift

And when you join this training, I’m also sending you gifts….


A FREE GEMSTONE PENDULUM – first in best dressed to get the pendulum of your choice:

  • Clear Quartz

  • Rose Quartz

  • Amethyst

  • Lapis Lazuli

  • Moonstone



Where:  Online - via Zoom Online Video Conferencing (virtual)


Date:     Tuesday, 4 August 2020

Time:      6.00 - 9.00 pm  (WST Australia)


Can’t make it the training? No problem, the live experiential training will be recorded and sent straight to your inbox and is available for you to view for 7 days.

When & Where

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