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Free Tarot Therapy Masterclass

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Discover your life’s work, your big medicine for this lifetime, through the Tarot Therapy Masterclass featuring the Hierophant, also known as Chiron the wounded healer, from the Mythic Tarot! In this transformative journey, we invite you to explore the therapeutic  depths of the Hierophant archetype to harness his healing power and uncover your life's purpose and soul work.


The purpose of this training is for you to dive deep into the card. I want you to embody the energies so you come out of this FREE MASTERCLASS, with clarity, insight, knowledge about who you are and what you’ve come here to share in this life time. What you do with this is up to you!  My intention is that you come out of this training with some kind of spiritual teaching and your own intellectual property,  that you can then share with your community. This is for you to get a sense of what that is, for your own unique practice of your soul work, however you want to deliver that!

What's Included?

  • Here's what we will cover so that you can uncover with clarity your true purpose in this life time!

  • Introduction to the hero’s journey and why this is important to know for predictive and therapeutic tarot!

  • Introduction to Chiron the Wounded Healer

  • Astrological Significance of the Hierophant

  • Transforming Suffering into Medicine – somatic exploration

  • Revealing Your Unique Spirituality and Spiritual Teachings for your Service Work – and find your talents and gifts.

  • Unveiling Your True Purpose – how to harness the power of into your true calling.

  • By the end of this masterclass, you will:

  • Gain clarity on your life's purpose and soul work.

  • Understand how to transform your wounds into sources of empowerment and healing for yourself and others

  • Feel inspired to create your own body of spiritual teachings and intellectual property and share that with your communities.


Join us on this enlightening and empowering journey as we unlock the transformative power of the Hierophant and embrace Chiron the HEALER on the path to self-realisation and service.

Where:  Online - via Zoom Online Video Conferencing (virtual)


Date:  Sunday 18th February


Time: 9.30am - 11.30am (AWST Perth, Western Australia)

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