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Everyday Hedgewitch

"The heart of witchery in the home"

A 5 week series of witchery and magic to manifest in your home. Each week we will spend time covering a different topics that will awaken your divine femininity and open your heart to the sacred treasures that can be easily found in our homes and within the world of our beautiful planet.

This course doesn't ascribe to any particular "way" and is specifically for those solitary witches that would like to learn a few new crafts to add to their witchery in their homes and their lives.

Each week we will call in the Goddess dark and light depending on the phases of the moon. The moon will be a teacher and a guide for us to gain more isight into how our lady luna impacts on our bodies and soul. Expect meditation and channelling and the calling in of spirit.

As we create our sacred circle, together we shall explore crafts and how simply can create witchery with the tools and witchcraft in our own garden and home!

What you can expect:

  • Earth magic

  • Fire magic

  • Herbal magic

  • Essential oils

  • Ritual

  • Channelling

  • Potions and Cookery

  • Spell casting

  • Witchcrafting

  • Shamanic practices


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