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Soul Retrieval

A 2 hour session of hands on healing including past life/other life therapy, sound healing and drumming. This is a shamanic journey, led by your soul and guides, facilitated and supported by Marina and her guides, journeying into the lower, middle and upper worlds calling in the fractured energies of your soul that have been left behind during and after challenging life events. These dissociated parts of ourselves become left behind or abandoned, usually due to overwhelm and beset with uncomfortable emotions that have not been freely expressed.

During soul retrieval we turn back to face those unloved parts of ourselves to welcome them home, accepting their imperfections and by holding a safe space for them to feel the wholeness of your being. This homecoming can unravel so many different feelings and in our space all feelings are acceptable and welcomed, experienced, loved and then released.


As we journey through past lives, others lives and the present lives, together we will explore the inner landscapes and how the context has created your self concepts,  plus excavation; uncovering more of who you are.

What can you expect?

To feel relaxed, safe and honoured as we respectfully traverse the other worlds.

You will receive:

Hands on healing  (Reiki Master/Teacher)

Counselling  (Dip.counsel, Narrative Therapy and B.psych)

Sound Healing  (Voice, drumming, bowls and rattle)

Witchery (Herbal/candle and essential oil alchemy/healing)

Shamanic journey (Meditation and trance past/other life therapy)

Session outline: Chat, meditation/trance, healing, sound healing, witchery and then debrief with a nice warm cup of nurturing tea/coffee/water. 

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