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Witches, Priestesses, Light Workers, Shadow Workers and Healers, whether a beginner or experienced, IT'S TIME TO TAKE BACK YOUR POWER! Join us for this 3-month journey into the cosmic, psychic portal of your heart body and soul, to delve deeper than you have before into your gifts as an oracle for the divine.

* Develop or Enhance your psychic abilities to navigate your life on your terms in alignment with your true purpose 

* Deepen and nuture your relationship with soul and spirit, to take back your power, to trust yourself and the decisions you make 

* Finally heal and know how to tend to the nervous system and pain body to release what is holding you back from opening up to your true self.


* Activate your creativity so that you can expand your consciousness and imagination into divine inspiration and guidance in your personal life and business. 

* Activate your chakra system to become a clear and concise channel for spirit 

* Have tangible experiences of soul and spirit, receive evidence to develop unwavering faith in the divine connection to all that is, feeling loved, supported and a deep sense of belonging in the world. 


In our sacred coven, we develop and enhance your organic innate magick, restore your beautiful nervous system, whilst opening to channel, to receive guided and sacred messages from soul and spirit, gifting you with clarity, direction and your true purpose. 

These sessions are both deeply spiritual, somatic and psychotherapeutic, supporting you to uncover and explore your most hidden desires, psychic talents, heal your connection to your body to create safety for you to self express, under the guidance of your facilitator Marina Lovasz and most importantly your spirit team - who know everything about you and the life you're here to lead and fulfil. 

There will be a focus on somatic mindfulness, therapeutic practices that focus on the breath, connection within your body and soul, emphasising bodily sensation and nervous system awareness as a path to healing and personal/spiritual growth. 

The goal of somatic work is to release stored trauma, reduce stress, to come back to your natural state of relaxation, improve your overall well-being by fostering a deeper awareness of self, your psychic abilities - to trust yourself deeply - and an integration psychological and emotional experiences.

You are the sacred technology, your body is an oracle, it's time to go within, reclaim your divine feminine gifts, integrate your soul into your entire experience and wake up your connection to your multidimensional reality, walking between worlds, allowing it to become as natural as breathing. 

What do you want to create in your life? 


  • Love & relationship 

  • Passion & soul purpose

  • Health & wealth 

  • Personal Transformation & change


Your body, heart and soul is the portal to  your psychic inner landscape and your intuition is talking to you 24/7, containing all the answers you need, providing you with direction, support, clarity and insight into your destiny! 


The Journey

On this magical journey we will be immersing deeply into the sacred arts and powerful psychic modalities, you'll be given tangible tools to work with, that you can utilise in your daily life, whilst exploring your divine feminine mysteries.

These include:


  • Soul reading

  • Past life therapy

  • Mediumship

  • Psychometry 

  • Verbal Channelling

  • Breathwork 

  • Embodiment practices 

  • Inner child healing

  • Womb wisdom with Wise Woman

(Not in any particular order each topic chosen based on the collective needs of the group).

Each session you will be guided between worlds with somatic mindfulness and hypnosis to connect in with soul and spirit to channel, harness your inner power, in your own unique way for personal growth, healing and transformation.  

In each live session you will practice and learn how to exercise your intuitive and psychic powers, learning how to access your most trusted inner compass aka “your Soul” so you can navigate your journey with confidence manifesting your intentions, desires and on path on purpose.


What To Expect

Upon entering our sacred space we start the journey with a cacao ceremony, infused with healing essential oil elixars to activate your heart chakra and prepare you for journeying with spirit. We include the healing sound of crystal singing bowls for welcoming sound bath experience. 





There will be 6 sessions of somatic mindfulness, hypnosis and psychic development, to explore your inner hidden unconscious material, that is waiting for your loving attention and healing, for you to become more integrated and whole, whilst connecting in with soul and spirit.


You will have access to a full range of essential oil medicines, to activate your senses and provide extra emotional and spiritual support for your journey. 

You will be gifted skills in nervous system awareness and support to know how to release trauma from your nervous system and ground your energy for enhanced psychic development.  



And Sisterhood support as we grow and transform our lives together, creating our community of 'Oracles' Priestesses of the sacred feminine mysteries. 

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Where:  Bay Road Collective address given on receipt of payment

When:   Fortnightly Saturdays - 3 Month Immersion
                (Commencing  July 20 - September 28

Time:     10am to 1pm 

BOOKINGS:  Once you have paid for your seat, via the payment links below, an email will be sent with the details, please email me if you have not received your email upon booking.


When & Where


$770 AUD 

$275 X 3 AUD


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Payment Plan

Should you prefer the Payment Plan option, please click on the link below.  Please refer to the above pricing structure for more details. 


IMPORTANT NOTE:  By choosing the payment plan option, you are committing to pay the full course cost in its entirety during the above mentioned payment period.  No cancellations or refunds will be considered.


By signing up and paying to participate in any offerings provided by Marina Lovasz, you agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions, which can be found in the footer of this website.

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