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Discover the transformative power of Astro Therapy with my immersive 6 month course, designed for Sacred Arts leaders and

Sacred Arts enthusiasts, to unlock secrets of your chart, whilst learning how to read natal charts for yourself and others. 


Embark on a therapeutic journey into the depths of your Soul's blueprint for this life time!  Get clear on your souls purpose whilst  creating and monetising an exciting new offering for your sacred arts business!

'Astro Therapy' is one of my most lucrative offers in the sacred arts! As a sacred arts leader and business owner, astrology is an incredible supportive add on to my suite of offers, combining perfectly with tarot therapy and psycho-spiritual therapeutic practices. Astrology offers a unique and spiritual approach to self-discovery, when utilised as a powerful tool for personal growth and healing.

This 'psychotherapeutic' 6 month astrology course will guide you through the fundamental elements of astrology, empowering you with the skills to read and interpret your own and others natal chart, with confidence and clarity! Whilst providing you with a new product for your clients to engage in to support to healing in a new and vital way. 

Of course you can do this just for yourself and for you healing. 


Included each week will be a mythical journey, where we journey into the cosmic night sky, meeting with the Gods and the Goddesses of Roman and Greek Mythology! We explore the houses, planets, divine feminine asteroids and aspecting 'how the planets communicate with one another to unveil your unique cosmic soul blueprint for this life time. 

Your natal chart is your personal soul contract and spiritual mandala for this life time, that provides personal sacred instruction for you to heal, to be your greatest potential and true expression for this life time.  


During our journey together we deep dive into somatic psychotherapy, as we utilise your natal chart, to take you deep into your own personal psycho-spiritual healing, so that you can flourish and shine, in your true expression. 

The Journey







We dive into the fascinating world of the Zodiac Wheel and the Houses. Uncover the significance of each house in your natal chart and understand how they shape different areas of your life, how that set the stage for your true self expression, and discover your rising sign, how you came into the world and your vision quest!

I take you on a captivating exploration of the Zodiac Signs. Gain insight into the characteristics, energies, and influences of each sign, and discover how they manifest in your own chart, how they influence your souls blueprint.

Building upon this foundation.


We illuminate the Sun and Moon in your natal chart. Learn about the profound impact these luminaries have on your personality, emotions, and core identity. Uncover the hidden depths of your true self.

We focus on the Inner Planet Mercury. Explore the realm of communication, intellect, and mental processes, and uncover how this planet shapes your thinking patterns and self-expression.


We unveil the enchanting realm of Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and harmony. Discover how Venus influences your relationships, aesthetics, and values, and gain valuable insights into your own desires and pleasures.


We turn our attention to Mars, the planet of action, passion, and drive. Unleash your inner warrior and understand how Mars energises your ambitions, motivates your actions, and fuels your desires.


We delve into the captivating world of the Outer Planets—Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. These celestial giants hold profound significance in your natal chart, influencing your expansion, individuality, spirituality, and transformation.


Next we take a journey into Divine Feminine astrology exploring the asteroids and how they weave their sacred feminine magic through our lives, inviting you to integrate your feminine more deeply. 


We explore:

Ceres: our nurturing and caregiving energy, emotional fulfillment through nurturing others.

Athene: Intellect, wisdom, and strategic thinking, often associated with problem-solving skills and a sense of justice.

Juno: Represents committed partnerships, marriage, and harmony in relationships.

Lilith: rebellion, independence, and the untamed aspects of femininity, often associated with primal instincts and challenging societal norms.

Vesta: Devotion, focus, and sacred service, highlighting dedication to work, community, or spiritual practices.

And Chiron the wounded healer: represents our deepest wounds and the potential for healing and growth.

Each of these asteroids offers unique insights into different aspects of our personalities, relationships, and life paths, adding depth to astrological interpretations. 

By the end of our journey you will learn the basics of aspecting, 'learning how to read the lines' and conduct a natal chart reading. 

No experience necessary! You can be a beginner!

What  To Expect

  • Zoom recorded, 2.5 hr LIVE WEEKLY SESSIONS receiving  in depth training materials and resources

  • Lifetime access to the course through MemberVault

  • Online FB group to discuss chart information and share experience with your community

  • Psychotherapy support and spiritual mentoring 


Receive my LOVERS Tarot Self Study Package, Training for FREE!

It inlcudes: 

Training video 

Soul Mate Attraction Hypnosis 

Call in your soulmate intention Spell

The Details


Join me for this 6 month Astro Therapy immersion and unlock the wisdom encoded in the stars. Heal and enrich your life, gain clarity about your true purpose, and embrace the transformative power of astrology.

Strictly only 6 seats maximum!

Mondays: 12.30pm - 3pm AWST, 24 x 2/2.5 hour weekly sessions



Early Bird $2222 AUD Pay in Full 

Non Early Bird $2888 AUD Pay in Full

Easy Pay Option Early Bird: $444 x 6 Monthly

Easy Pay Option Non Early Bird: $500 x 6 Monthly


Start date: Monday June 10 

Where: Zoom


By signing up and paying to participate in any offerings provided by Marina Lovasz, you agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions, which can be found in the footer of this website.

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