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Spirit of the Elements - Abundance is your Birthright

Are you ready to embrace your abundant nature and open to receive all the life giving elements that are ready to take you in your creative power for 2018? Here is your chance to participate in an intimate space, with a small group of like minded souls who are ready to open to life and all of its prosperity.

This is a 4-week journey for those who want to learn how to trance and embrace its power to create positive life changes.

Each week will uncover the power of the elements – the vital forces that are part of human creation. You’re invited to align and then take action to start the creative process of change, alchemy and transformation.

We begin each session by aligning our unconscious mind (spirit led/goal setter) with our conscious mind (soul/goal getter). We lean in closely to understand the element, whilst calling in spirit (5th element) – the unconscious – to inspire our hypnotherapy and to create our sacred alchemy.

As we journey together we come to realise we are a projection of each other and the weekly intentions that we set for ourselves will intuitively influence each of us, directly and indirectly. This powerful combination of energies will provide you with opportunities to broaden your perspectives and call in more of who you are, to enrich your becoming.

Each week I will take you through a channelled hypnotic meditation featuring 45 minutes of crystal bowl sound healing, where our intentions are incorporated into the journey. Before the session is over you will have a plan of how you will call to action what the unconscious is seeking.

A minimum of 4 participants, and maximum of 6 spaces available.

Investment: $260 x 4 sessions, $50 deposit required to reserve your place.

Where: Tuart Hill


Time: 10am -1pm

What you will need: Blanket Pillow and Lunch, a book to write in.


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