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Empower your life

The Heart of Channelling

A one day immersive


A one day workshop for you to discover your innate channelling abilities. This one day session is an introduction for those who are new on the channelling path and who'd like some grounded and practical knowledge on how to become a clearer channel and also for those who are seeking to refine their channelling abilities.

The Guides are beings light, who are here to assist you in living your soul purpose. You have a shared journey together on your soul path. Your Guides first purpose in your relationship in this life time is to help you become heart conscious and align with your soul love, self-worth and provide awareness of your higher purpose. They want for you to be living your destiny through heart conscious awareness.

The Guide is your Soul’s teacher and mentor. They birthed your light. You have a profound connection with your Guides; they are your soul family. They care about your path because they have a shared destiny with you in your life time.

You have a purpose; together with your Guides you empower your life.

In these sessions, you will discover a wonderful source of empowerment in your life. It will be an opportunity for YOUR beautiful SOUL to SHINE with the support of the sacred presence of your Guides. You will learn how to nurture this relationship with your Guides so you can begin to be open to receive the loving support you need through your own daily transmissions.

What can you expect?

You will learn about trance states and how to utilise a trance state to anchor into soul and spirit.

You will discover the power of your own innate divine intelligence.

You will learn how to channel for yourself and others, with greater clarity.

You will learn about hypnosis whilst incorporating sound therapy to activate your path.

Where: Tuart Hill


Time: 10am - 4pm

What you will need: Blanket Pillow and Lunch, a book to write in.

A minimum of 4 participants and maximum of 6 participants.


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